The General Assembly hereby declares that it is the public policy of the State of Illinois that access by all persons to public records promotes the transparency and accountability of public bodies at all levels of government.

--(5 ILCS 140/) Illinois Freedom of Information Act, Section 1

The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) allows members of the public to request and access government documents and records. As a municipal village institution, the Lake Bluff Public Library is bound by and subject to the provisions set forth by FOIA. However, many of the Library's documents and records can be accessed on our website without requiring a FOIA request. Please take a moment to read and familiarize yourself with the information provided below for instructions on filing a FOIA request or accessing other public information about the Library.

Lake Bluff Library's FOIA Policy
Click on the above link to read the Library's policy regarding FOIA requests. This policy includes information about placing a FOIA request, as well as a timeline for the request process.

FOIA Public Body Summary
Click on the above link for a brief description of our library, including information about our purpose, governance, and staffing levels.

FOIA Request Form
Click on the above link to view and print a PDF copy of a FOIA request form.

Library Profile & Annual Report
Click on the above link for a variety of information about the Library, including statistics, financial information, and additional documents pertaining to Library business.

Library Board Document Archive
Minutes, agendas, and other documents from Library Board meetings are made available online as soon as possible. Click on the above link to visit the archive and view documents from past meetings.

We are also actively working on putting more documents online, including our statistics, annual reports, budgetary, and other information. Have a question about placing a request or finding information? Give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.

Open Meetings Act (OMA)

In compliance with Section 7.3 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, the Library is required to post salary and benefit information on our website for employee compensation packages in excess of $75,000 a year. Please click here to access this information.