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Please consider supporting the Library the next time you purchase on Amazon. Use the link below or enter into your browser and then begin shopping. Amazon will send .5% of all purchases to the Friends of the Lake Bluff Library. All you need to do it list the Friends as your charity of choice.

Stock Donations

Did you know that you can donate stock to the Friends of the Library? Click on the button below and create a login, select the Friends of the Lake Bluff Public Library, and setup a transfer.

Donate Stock To Friends of the Lake Bluff Library
Dear Friend,

Have you noticed the bumper crop of acorns this year? And we've all heard the phrase 'mighty oaks from little acorns grow'. Our own Lake Bluff Library is a lot like one of these acorns. It started out small but continues to grow, improve and keep up with the changing times. Fundraising by the Friends of the Lake Bluff Library plays a significant part in this effort.

In the last year alone, we sponsored the always popular Balloon Lady at two different events. Donuts for Dads and Jiggle Jam were two additional programs enjoyed by patrons. Did you receive a reward for completing the adult summer reading club? That's right --- the portable chargers and the Kindle were funded by the Friends. If you attended our fun-filled Mini Golf event in October, you may have seen the book bicycle. This too was generously purchased by the Friends to facilitate checkouts outside the library building.

Here's how you can help the Friends of the Lake Bluff Library, whose mission is to support and promote the library and to raise funds for special projects, programs and building needs as they arise, continue to improve our library. With your donation, future enhancements will ensure the library will be able to maintain its inviting atmosphere. We would deeply appreciate your participation in this community-wide fundraising effort. Won’t you take a moment today to complete the Friendship reply envelope enclosed? Alternatively, you can contribute online by using the DONATE button on the Friends of the Lake Bluff Library web page, Please remember to include your company’s matching donation form, if applicable. Being a 501(C) 3 organization, stock donations can also be accepted. Regardless of how you choose to donate, you can watch your dollars make a difference. Additionally, you can support the Friends through the Amazon Smile program.

Thank you for your support!

Friends of the Lake Bluff Library Board

Eileen Laack, Lindsey Bornholdt, Megan Paszczykowski, Eva Javier, Margaret Abel, Claire Abrahamson, Mary Dahlmann, Linda Kennett, Sudha Mehta, Lynn Miller, Benita Myles, Missy Romanoff, Ruth Schnell, Linda Schwartz.

P.S. We gladly welcome new members to the Friends Board. Check us out on the library web page or attend a meeting on the third Saturday of the month at 10:00 in the Lake Bluff Library.



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The Friends of the Lake Bluff Library was organized for the following purposes:
  • To be engaged in benevolent activities connected with the donation of funds and items of personal property for use by the Lake Bluff Public Library
  • To represent the library at civic events
  • To support volunteer recruitment and advocacy of the Lake Bluff Library initiatives