Loan Periods, Fines, & Fees

Fines & Loan Periods

Item Loan Period Fines
Books 2 weeks $0.10/day
Audiobooks 2 weeks $0.10/day
Music CDs 2 weeks $0.10/day
Trending Titles (Books) 1 week $0.10/day
Trending Titles (A/V) 1 week $1.00/day
Magazines 1 week $0.10/day
DVDs/Blu-rays 1 week $1.00/day
Video Games 1 week $1.00/day
ILL Materials Set by lending library $1.00/day
Book Bags 2 weeks $0.10/day
Fines will not exceed the cost of the item.

Items are considered overdue when: They have not been returned by opening on the day after the item due date or, they have not been renewed by 11:59pm on the item due date.

All materials except Interlibrary Loans may be renewed up to 3 times provided that no one is on hold for the item. Patrons who exhaust the renewal limit are encouraged to return the item to the Library shelves for a period of 24 hours before checking the item out again.

Patrons are not permitted to check out Library materials when they owe fines and/or fees that total $10.00 or more. Borrowing privileges will be restored once the balance is settled.


Paying Fines

Fines may be paid at the Library with cash or check or online via credit card. We do not charge any transaction fees for online payments. For more informatio on online fine payment, please read our Online Fine Pay tutorial.