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The Lake Bluff Public Library is a village library and local unit of government operating in accordance with the Illinois Local Library Act, 75 ILCS 5/1-0.1 et seq. The Library is a component unit of the Village of Lake Bluff with a separately elected Board of Trustees. The Illinois Local Library Act defines the powers and duties of the Board of Library Trustees, which include "the exclusive control of the expenditure of all moneys collected for the Library and deposited to the credit of the Library fund" (75 ILCS 5/4-7(2)). Local property taxes that fund the Library are levied annually by the Village in amounts determined by the Library Board.

Bids & RFPs

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Submitting a Bid or RFP

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Deliverables (see RFB for full list of deliverables) must be completed and returned to the library no later than 2:00pm on October 10, 2018.

Budget & Finances


The Library is audited on an annual basis. Click on one of the links below to download a PDF copy of our audits from the past 5 years. Audit reports prior to fiscal year 2009-2010 are available--please call or visit the library if you are interested in looking at a copy.

2017-2018 Audit Report
2016-2017 Audit Report
2015-2016 Audit Report
2014-2015 Audit Report
2013-2014 Audit Report
2012-2013 Audit Report
2011-2012 Audit Report
2010-2011 Audit Report
2009-2010 Audit Report


The Library Board of Trustees approves an annual operating budget, which is then sent on to the Village of Lake Bluff. Budget discussions for the upcoming fiscal year typically begin in December, with the final budget approved at the February meeting of the Board. We are working on adding more budget information to this page--please check back or call the library if you are interested budget information for a particular year.

2015-2016 Operating Budget
2015-2016 Grants and Gifts
2015-2016 Revenues

2016-2017 Operating Budget
2016-2017 Grants and Gifts
2016-2017 Revenues

2017-2018 Operating Budget
2017-2018 Grants and Gifts
2017-2018 Revenues

2018-2019 Operating Budget
2018-2019 Grants and Gifts
2018-2019 Revenues

2019-2020 Operating Budget
2019-2020 Grants and Gifts
2019-2020 Revenues

Intergovernmental Agreements

Intergovernmental Agreement with District 65 - 2017-2018
Intergovernmental Agreement with District 115 - 2017-2018


Circulation Policies (Cards, Loan Periods, Fines and Fees)
Collection Development (Approved 7-17-2018)
Community Bulletin Board Policy
Computer Use Policy
Confidentiality of Library Records
Financial Policies
Freedom of Information Act Policy
Gifts and Donation Policy
Governance and Organizational Structure
Home Delivery Policy
Library User Conduct Policies
Meeting Room Policy
Photo Policy
Reference and Interlibrary Loan
Wireless Network Usage Policy

Other Documents

Prevailing Wage Notices

The Library Board is required to provide public notice annually that it has approved payment by Prevailing Wage.

Patron Satisfaction Surveys

The Patron Satisfaction Survey is conducted on a biennial basis.


Click on one of the links below to download a PDF of our usage statistics. Usage statistics prior to the 2009-2010 fiscal year are available--please call or visit the library if you are interested in a copy.

2017-2018 Statistics
2016-2017 Statistics
2015-2016 Statistics
2014-2015 Statistics
2013-2014 Statistics
2012-2013 Statistics
2011-2012 Statistics
2010-2011 Statistics
2009-2010 Statistics